[YC004] As Humanity Fades

by As Humanity Fades

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The embryonic form of As Humanity Fades was born in the first half of 2000, thanks to Luca (bass) and Daniele (guitar) - at the time they were both still member of Absence - Alessandro (guitar), Tommy (Drums) and Beppe (Vocals). The project was still nameless and its musical and ideological attitude was still undefined. Soon the band split up and reformed a year later (in mid 2001) with the new members Claudio (vocals) and Pierpo (guitar) taking the places of Beppe and Daniele that left the band due to work and study reasons.

Musical influences vary from Swedish and American death metal (At The Gates, Morbid Angel) to Vegan-edge metal-core (Morning Again, Liar, Earth Crisis) to emo-core (Mineral, Christie Front Drive).

Lyrics issues reflects the band's ideology: total support to vegan/vegetarian - drug free and positive lifestyles, constant struggle for animal rights and their liberation from slavery and exploitation, a full respect for nature and every form of life, absolute devotion to values like love, friendship, loyalty and to moral and physical integrity.

Recorded at L'Indiano Studio in 2003.

Artist: As Humanity Fades
Title: As Humanity Fades
Format: Digital / Jewelcase CD
Number: YC004
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: February 28, 2017


released February 28, 2017




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Youthcore DIY Italy

Zed & Noox.
Italian D.I.Y. Label.

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Track Name: As Humanity Fades
Have we got the right to destroy all?
Do this question ever cross your mind?
The riverside once so clear and pure
Is now a sterile lifeless ground
This is not my homeland
This is just a wasteland
As the world burns
So the Earth falls
As the Earth falls
So humanity fades
Track Name: What We'll Never Be
Welcome to this, slaughterhouse, but don’t worry
Cause this is only a test
The man’s living proof of cruelty
Wash your hands, cause this is only a test
Harmful, useless, unsafe, worthless
In the name of science
Yet science proved you wrong
A waste of lives and money
As cancer’s growing strong
The medical researchers
Are driven by their greed
There’s no justification for the poison that they feed
Silence , is what they give us , and silence is their wish
It’s not what we are now
It’s what we’ll never be
Track Name: Human Demise
As my eyes open up, my rage is still growing up
Why all that i can see, is humanity demise
Self-annihilation has become the foundation of mankind's progression
World is falling down and men takes a predominant role
I should not bear all this I've taken
A one way mission, I've purged myself of so called society values
Blinded by pain but guided by truth my progression takes place
Hatred is what i feel, justice is what i seek
For change that must be forced a swift direction change
By all means! In any way! At any cost!
A relentless struggle against demons they create
Demons that will make themselves slowly collapse
Their irreverent disrespect make them enemies
(Through self progression)
My life to innocents and justice
Their death will initiate the beginning of new life
Track Name: Reincarnation
Searching for myself
Wearing false mask
Raping my own mind
For what i refuse (don't want)
The cycle repeats itself
Reincarnation of the wrong
My eyes can't see
My mouth is not voiced
I wish i can
There's only one way out
Honesty sincerity
There's no room to live
In a sterile soul
Concreteness and positivity
The only weapons i have
Against my own hypocrisy
Track Name: Until Last Seal
Shades of helpless victims appears in front of my eyes
Cries of mourning pierce my soul as i feel my inner rage rise
My mind lies in turmoil as i can't realize this senseless bloodshed
The air is saturated by pain and suffering, i can breath no more
TORTURED: inflicted with sadism and mercilessly
DEPRIVED of their right to live
CONSCIENCE: the light that guides me to...
LIBERATE them to this incarnate evil
Caged, tortured, infected, mutilated and finally sentenced
Innocent creatures perish to engrave their mourning anguish
Trying to justify the unjustifiable, this daily carnage goes on
Eyes of mankind are closed by selfishness
But this innocent kaly yuga must end
The war for their liberation will never cease
Until the last seal shall be broken
Track Name: Wicked Circle
Justice, an old word
Wasted in this world
We must find a way to stop this
Limitation of liberty
Slow down, think twice
We can't decide
Taught me what i know
Crush down in this world
Affirmation of ignorance
Is the drowning of the innocence
Slow down, think twice
We can't decide
Minorities elect worldwide leaders
Controlled by economic great powers
Following the path, set by their greed
That lead us to the wicked circle
Burning, burning bridges
Of the first world
Burning, burning bridges
Of the first world
Greed that feeds them
Make them stronger
To oppress the
Starving millions